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Virgo Horoscope

Friday, Mar 6, 2015

The Moon moving into Libra later today favors networking with friends and colleagues to expand your stream of income. Think "creative" when analyzing ways to improve your finances. This influence can also intensify any concerns you have about security. Eliminating negative feelings about abundance will clear the way for you to attract financial opportunities. Reach out to someone insightful and learn how to manifest prosperity.

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Weekly Love Horoscope

An intimate date in a serene setting can set passion ablaze at the beginning of the week. Your usual clarity or confidence may be low on Wednesday, so focus on getting emotionally centered so you’ll be ready for the energizing Full Moon in your sign. You’ll be in the mood for a luxurious date this weekend, but watch your spending on Saturday.

  • Fri

    A blast of frigid air makes love challenging today. Perhaps it’s best to focus on work or other solo activities. Small irritations can make you turn a cold shoulder on your sweetie. However, it’s best to keep the lines of communications open for when the weather turns sizzling once again!

  • Sat

    Relationships are tempestuous and unpredictable. Thunderclouds can dampen your day or produce sizzling sparks of electricity between you and your sweetie. Arguments can turn into a bedroom romp, but it’s probably not wise to bring up troubling subjects unless you enjoy being struck by lightning.

  • Sun

    Relationships should be relatively calm, with no wind gales, rainstorms or heat waves. Take advantage of the serenity to enjoy some quiet time with your sweetie, or discuss troubling issues that would normally cause the temperature to rise. You may also enjoy just being with friends or cuddling up with a good book and a glass of wine!

  • Mon
    Heating Up:

    The climate where you are is changing for the better! Prepare for a sizzling time ahead by looking and feeling your best. Get lots of rest because you never know when a hot spell may hit for you and your lover. Now is the time to plan a little romantic outing (or a dinner in!) to set the stage for all kinds of possibilities - especially in the bedroom.

  • Tue

    Temperatures are hot, hot, hot, especially in the bedroom! Take advantage of the heat wave to plan a steamy tryst with your sweetie. There’s a bit of unpredictability in love today, so expect the unexpected and make the best of the sultry surprises ahead.


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